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The TIA Connectivity Jam 

Join us for a highly interactive and outcomes-focused invitation-only event. This is where senior executives and technologists collaborate to solve the connectivity industry’s tough challenges. Experience the spontaneity of a musical jam as peers with diverse perspectives contribute their expertise debating, discussing and resolving practical next steps for their businesses and for the industry to tackle.

Engage in One or More "Streams"
that Fit Your Business Priorities

The next few years promise a whirlwind of change in the way information and data move from one place to another. TIA offers paths to preparing for the new 5G environment, while at the same time managing legacy systems.

  • Licensed/Unlicensed Spectrum
  • 5G, 3G and XG
  • NFV, SDN
  • Backhaul
  • DAS & Small Cells
  • Cloud & Data Centers
  • Towers and Antennas
  • Fiber and Cabling
  • Streaming Media

Optimize end-to-end service delivery to enhance the efficiency, interoperability, and monetization of current and next-gen networks. TIA orchestrates collaboration to build successful operational models that meet established system performance requirements.

  • Addressing Complexity
  • Open Source & Standards
  • Supply Chains
  • Operationalizing Virtualized Environments
  • Workforce
  • Assessments & Metrics
  • Benchmarking
  • Service Chaining
  • Integrating Legacy & New
  • Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Intelligence
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Building a world of true interactivity among people and the devices they use promises to remake every aspect of the supply chain and everyday life. The potential for a massive impact on end-users makes IoT the hottest area of interest in the industry.

  • Smart Communities
  • Connected Vehicles, Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Smart Homes
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • e-Retail, eHealth
  • Edge Devices

Cutting across all three streams are ROI, SECURITY, and VIRTUALIZATION - topics everyone cares about. Key takeaways will be captured in the post-Jam Outcomes Reports.

Accelerate Your Business Success ... Join the Jam
Why it's Worth Your Time

  1. The Jam nurtures an intimate 350-person setting with lots of dedicated networking time.
  2. Jam and exchange ideas and experience with other invited peer business and tech executives.
  3. Carriers, mobile operators, data center executives, decision makers for enterprise, analysts, hardware, software, cloud and solutions providers come together to explore 360-degree views of pressing challenges.
  4. IDC, TIA's Official Industry Analyst Firm for the Jam, will moderate and capture key takeaways from the discussion.
  5. The Smart Cities Breakfast, Chief Security Officer Roundtable, and Startups Competition add extra excitement.


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