Breakout Session 4 - Infrastructure
Building & Testing the Virtualized Network

Wednesday, June 7     2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Virtualization is taking place at every layer and multiple junctures of the network, from the data center core, to software in edge devices, and applications that run through the networks. Information technology companies have extensive experience with this type of technology, but communications companies are still testing and understanding how to truly take advantage of this game-changing approach to network infrastructure.  TIA is developing a framework for the building and testing of these new technologies. 

This Jam session will discuss: A review of where virtualization is taking place across all layers of the networks, and what this means from a development opportunity and challenge perspective. Key learnings and best practices. A pathway forward for those exploring and pursuing the road to virtualization. A look at what network virtualization offers in revenue generation through new business service offerings, as well as operational savings, while balancing this against risk assessment and transition costs. A light review of security (For other security focused panels see Tuesday’s “Securing the New Digital Network” and Thursday’s Virtualization and Security Workshop.