Chris Nicoll

Chris Nicoll is the President and Principal Analyst at Nicoll Associates, an independent industry analyst and research firm working with mobile, security, IoT and infrastructure vendors and operators on their market and messaging strategy, with a focus on 4G, 5G, IoT and non-cellular wireless technology development and deployment.  Mr. Nicoll’s focus is global, pulling experiences, best practices, trials and tests from around the world to apply to local-market needs.

Mr. Nicoll has a technical background designing terrestrial and satellite-based voice and data networks around the globe as well as market positioning and competitive response experience.  He applies his knowledge to messaging and competitive positioning, communications, technology and market strategy via workshops, presentations, white papers and articles across a wide array of topics including Connected Car, 5G, IoT, 4G, Small Cells, Wi-Fi, and Security.

Prior to launching Nicoll Associates, Mr. Nicoll has been a part of leading successful teams at Tymnet, Netrix, Current Analysis, Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent, Yankee Group and Analysys Mason. Mr. Nicoll holds a B.S. in Communications from Florida State University.