Chuck Parker

Charles (Chuck) Parker is Global Lead at Beyond Limits. With more than 20 years of Large Data, Healthcare and Telecommunications IT experience, he has led several research and for-profit initiatives.  Most recently as a lead for Beyond Limits, a commercial startup bringing forward application of NASA developed Artificial Intelligence for the application in intelligence driven human interfaces in healthcare and telecommunications.  Prior, he served as the Executive Director of the Continua Health Alliance – a membership-driven company focused on developing an eco-system of interoperable IoT personal health devices – Chuck has been active in leading the industry in the Personal Connected Health IoT area for the past 7 years through leadership in Continua, OneM2M, IEEE and the Bluetooth SIG.

Mr. Parker has collaborated internationally with governments, payers, providers and vendors. Through working with Standards bodies and industry experts, he has worked to instill standards built upon international device criteria from IEEE, HL7, Bluetooth, USB, and others. In 2012, Denmark and Singapore began collaborating with Continua to require all personal connected health devices used in their national telemedicine programs were Continua Certified to ensure convenient and secure collection, communication and access to personal health data for its citizens.

Mr. Parker’s experiences include healthcare and telecommunication technology, Large data analytics and warehousing, data security, policy, regulation, and the strategic design of evaluation and measurement strategies. He has led national programs for practice transformation and has served on more than 20 national and international boards and committees for industry technology. 

Mr. Parker holds a Master of Science degree in Healthcare Informatics from Northeastern University. He earned his BA in Communication Studies and Business Management at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.