Breakout Session 2 - Infrastructure
Connecting to that Powerful Edge

Tuesday, June 6     1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

What are the connecting network technologies that will realize the full opportunity of 5G from core to edge, and feed the data computing beast upon which the Internet of Things relies? As access technology choices continue to expand, the decision of what to use and when, differs substantially based on available network assets, market content demands, and the technology to deliver, all while ensuring economic profitability. This panel will examine the expanding choices of the technologies that will support worldwide communications from wireline copper and optical to fixed wireless, roaming high speed wireless, satellite and other systems.  

This Jam Session will discuss: A variety of infrastructure access technologies that provide the full path of connectivity to our communities including cabling, fiber, satellite and even new ways to leverage the millions of miles of copper.   The session will also look at wireline connections may go all the way to the premises, or may support wireless infrastructure connectivity with the connections to tower antennas, Small Cells and DAS, or the fixed wireless access connections. Questions based on FCC regulations and Federal laws regarding U.S. policy and harmonizing spectrum access rules across borders.  Right of way questions and others will also be discussed. As the technologies evolves, the choices are really all about the dynamics of the economics to provide the best access options for high speed, and sometimes low speed, media requirements. The discussion will include a review of new business models and service structures.