Breakout Session 1 - Infrastructure
Data Centers Redefined

Tuesday, June 6     11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

From service operators, to enterprise, to application providers, data centers are evolving as business models shift, customer demands grow and technology capabilities develop. Data centers embody the convergence of information technology and telecommunications.  They have become the central core of all of today’s and particularly tomorrow’s telecommunications networks, tying core to the edge through service chaining.    As part of new networks services, software as a service and storage as a service are being hosted on customer sites, remotely as a cloud, and even “hybrid” models that leverage the best of both worlds as needed.  

As we examine a selection of new cloud technology businesses, the topics at this Jam Session include: How a virtualized infrastructure drives business orchestration from the core to remote implementation to the edge: from applications as a service to storage as a service.  How network architecture and configurations are changing both from technological and business service perspectives. The changing role of data centers – particularly in light of increased urban network densification; how the Cloud is becoming fused into the network beyond the data center; what it means for increased intelligence, automation and memory to exist in edge devices. Updates regarding TIA’s Data Centers Architecture standards.