Jeff Shaffer

Mr. Shaffer joined PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2015, after 25 years with the United States Secret Service as a Senior Special Agent and Director of the top ranked Secret Service Digital Forensics Laboratory. Mr. Shaffer has extensive and varied experience as an investigator,physical and personal protection specialist,counter terrorism specialist, Team Leader and digital forensic examiner. Mr. Shaffer was nominated on separate occasions for Secret Service Agent of the Year and Texas Law Enforcement Agent of the Year. He has worked on hundreds of forensic investigations related to cyber crime,IP theft,fraud,terrorism, kidnapping and murder. He has investigated cases across numerous industries including energy, retail, banking,healthcare, telecommunications,and federal/state governments.

Since joining PwC, Mr. Shaffer’s areas of focus have been incident response,compromise assessment, digital forensics,e-discovery and litigation support.