Kevin Ly

Kevin Ly is the National Urban League’s Director of Workforce Development and is the Project Lead on the Wireless Infrastructure Apprenticeship Access Initiative (WIAAI).   Mr. Ly joined NUL in 2012 and is responsible for a portfolio of diverse workforce development and apprenticeship training programs that serve special populations such as the long-term unemployed, incumbent workers, opportunity youth, and adult returning citizens.  

Prior to his focus and passion to expand and diversify apprenticeship to become more inclusive for People of Color, Kevin served as Director on the Urban Youth Empowerment Program, Urban Supply Chain Jobs Program, and the Urban Reentry Jobs Program at the National Urban League, and he started his career in the corporate sector.   He is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, holds his Master’s Degree in Urban Policy Analysis & Management from the New School, an avid reader of historical biographies, and a native New Yorker.