Mary Beth Chrissis

Mary Beth Chrissis is a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer in the CERT Division at Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute (SEI).  Mary Beth has over 35 years of experience in software engineering, cybersecurity, organizational improvement, and strategic planning.

Since joining the SEI in 1988, Chrissis has helped commercial and government organizations implement best practices that enable them to develop and deliver high-quality, reliable, safe and secure products and services. Her current focus is on research and development for improving the security and resilience of the Nation’s critical infrastructure and assets. She was a primary author of SEI’s capability maturity models that are used as de facto standards by organizations world-wide to assess and address risks. She also led the development of the capability maturity model training program, which evolved into the SEI Partner Network. She is an author of “CMMI Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement” and “The Capability Maturity Model: Guidelines for Improving the Software Process.”

Chrissis is the IEEE Editor for the revision of ISO 16085, Systems and Software Engineering, Lifecycle Processes, Risk Management. Prior to joining the SEI, Chrissis worked at GTE Government Systems in Rockville, MD developing voice processing systems; Dravo Automation Sciences in Pittsburgh, PA developing shop floor automation systems for the steel industry; and Sperry Corporation in Great Neck, NY developing missile systems.