Breakout Session 4 - Operations
Measuring for Quality and Assurance

Wednesday, June 7     2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Efficiency. Cost management. Ensuring SLAs. Managing OpEx, and CAPEX. Diminishing product production costs. Guaranteeing return customers.  These are business concerns faced by all companies in the communications industry. The Internet of Things and autonomous intelligence is making some of these items even more crucial.  So how do we, TIA, its members, and ecosystem partners, ensure that we are sound it what we are delivering to the customer?

This Jam Session will discuss this question as well as:  What TIA and the ecosystem need to establish in standards, certification, and training to ensure employees can deliver the service as promised. The benchmarking assessments and metrics that need to be specifically developed for virtualized networks and their components. Other product testing situations that can be pursued.