More Info About the Jam

1 Unifying Conference

This unique event brings together top communications, connectivity and information technology executives from the C-suite to the engineers who design and build.

2 Days of Dynamic, Interactive Engagement

The Connectivity Jam is a 2-day interactive and participatory discussion with 350+ industry leaders and peers in an intimate setting.

Riffing off the theme of a musical jam, great minds come together simultaneously to create a harmonious result - the "What's Next" that is missing from traditional conferences.

The Jam is outcomes focused. Together, we understand the needs for business leaders and for the industry. We work out how each player contributes. We look at the impact of tech innovation, policy implications, customer demands, and where each business fits in the developing order of next-gen networks. After the Jam, look forward to the IDC-produced Outcomes Report, which will be shared with all attendees.

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3 Streams of Discussion

stream 1

Transforming  Wireless and Connectivity Infrastructure

The next few years promise a whirlwind of change in the way information and data move from one place to another. Some of the key issues are complexity, security, integration of new systems with legacy.

Key areas of focus: Licensed/Unlicensed Spectrum; 5G, 3G and XG; NFV, SDN; DAS & Small Cells; Backhaul; Cloud & Data Centers; Towers & Antennas; Fiber & Cabling; Streaming Media


stream 2

Operating Next-Gen Networks

More than ever, complexity is challenging customers and providers of solutions alike.

Key areas of focus: Open Source & Standards; Supply Chains; Operationalizing Virtualized Environments; Workforce; Assessments & Metrics; Benchmarking; Service Chaining; Integrating Legacy & New; Artificial Intelligence

stream 3

Connecting the Internet of Things

Building a world of true connectivity and interactivity among people, devices and environment, will remake every aspect of the supply chain and everyday life.  Providing connectivity and building business beyond the pipes are driving issues.

Key areas of focus: Smart Communities; Connected Vehicles and Transportation Infrastructure; Smart Homes; Energy, Oil & Gas

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3 Cross-Cutting Issues

ROI ... Security ... Virtualization 

The cross-cutting issues are common to each of the three streams.

3 Post-Jam Outcomes Reports

TIA's Analyst Partner, IDC, will moderate each Stream discussion across the two Jam days. Post-Jam, each attendee receives a copy of the Outcomes Reports developed. Key takeaways and action steps will inform and guide your business going forward.