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Transforming Wireless and Connectivity Infrastructure

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The purpose of the Connectivity Jam is to convene thought leaders to discuss the key issues for diverse market segments, as we work together to build the solutions.  Each Breakout Session over the course of the two days covers different topics, and will begin with a panel of industry executives, after which attendees engage in moderated discussion, led by your Table Ambassadors. The results of these discussions will be captured and integrated into the final Outcomes Report to be produced by IDC.

Breakout Session 1:
Data Centers Redefined: Virtual and Physical

June 6 - 11:00 AM-12:30 PM

From service operators, to the enterprise, to application providers, data centers are evolving as business models shift, customer demands grow and technology capabilities develop. Data centers embody the convergence of information technology and telecommunications. They have become the central core of all of today’s and tomorrow’s telecommunications networks, tying core to the edge through service chaining. As part of new networks services, software as a service and storage as a service are being hosted on customer sites, remotely as a cloud, and even “hybrid” models that leverage the best of both worlds as needed.  

As we examine a selection of new cloud technology businesses, the topics at this Jam Session include: How a virtualized infrastructure drives business orchestration from the core to remote implementation to the edge: from applications as a service to storage as a service.  How network architecture and configurations are changing both from technological and business service perspectives. The changing role of data centers – particularly in light of increased urban network densification; how the Cloud is becoming fused into the network beyond the data center; what it means for increased intelligence, automation and memory to exist in edge devices; updates regarding TIA’s Data Centers Architecture standards.

pete Denagy (MODERATor)

Managing Principal

Acommence Advisors

Hugh Carspecken



Marcus tewksbury

Founder & CTO

tim trottier

Senior Director, Architecture & Automation


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Breakout Session 2:
Connecting Core to the Powerful Edge

june 6 - 1:30 PM-3:00 PM

What are the connecting network technologies that will realize the full opportunity of 5G from core to edge, and feed the data computing beast upon which the Internet of Things relies? As access technology choices continue to expand, the decision of what to use and when, differs substantially based on available network assets, market content demands, and the technology to deliver, all while ensuring economic profitability. This panel will examine the expanding choices of the technologies that will support worldwide communications from wireline copper and optical to fixed wireless, roaming high speed wireless, satellite and other systems.  

This Jam Session will discuss: A variety of infrastructure access technologies that provide the full path of connectivity to our communities including cabling, fiber, satellite and even new ways to leverage the millions of miles of copper.   The session will also look at wireline connections may go all the way to the premises, or may support wireless infrastructure connectivity with the connections to tower antennas, Small Cells and DAS, or the fixed wireless access connections. Questions based on FCC regulations and Federal laws regarding U.S. policy and harmonizing spectrum access rules across borders.  Right of way questions and others will also be discussed. As the technologies evolves, the choices are really all about the dynamics of the economics to provide the best access options for high speed, and sometimes low speed, media requirements. The discussion will include a review of new business models and service structures.

nancy Green (Moderator)

Global Practical Lead - Healtchare & LifeSciences/ Strategy & thought Leadership


andres carvallo

Founder & CEO


michael hites

Senior AVP, Administrative Information Technology Services & Chief Information Officer

University of Illinois

mark pyatt

Sr. Director, Operational Integrity,

Global O&G


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Breakout Session 3:
Ultra Premise Connections - Pushing Networks to the Next Level

June 6 - 3:15 PM-5:00 PM

With the new demands of high speed media, and billions of connecting points, the premise is its own complicated network.   Builders, integrators, and service providers are all pursuing options to help support smart premise connections.  The technologies to support the infrastructure of a smart community, smart building, or smart home will be examined here.  TIA believes that building a structured framework will facilitate the premise network capabilities of tomorrow.  Just as there are choices in access, the options of wiring wireline fiber optics, copper cables or the many options of wireless connections with Wi-Fi, blue tooth, and even cellular are there for the low and high demands on the premise by its users.

This Jam Session will examine: How premise networks are being architected, what needs are addressed for on-premise connectivity that is different from other network structures, and how the premise networks are and need to evolve to meet growing demands. The policies within corporations guiding premise networks and whether they can be streamlined, optimized and otherwise reexamined. The key business indicators that drive premise CIOs when they look at solving the challenges they face, and how can the TIA ecosystem help them resolve these issues.

betty manetta (moderator)


Argent Associates/ Asociar

Lisa Hanlon

Co-Founder & CEO

Teltech Communications


Managing Director, IoT


tom milavec

Digital Experience Strategy Leader