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Encore - Analyst Panel


Tuesday, June 6, AM keynote

Future of TV Keynote Panel

The rapidly shifting arena of streamed video for entertainment, business and learning demands speedy and aggressive collaboration among previously disparate industries – the producers of content and those that enable its streamlined delivery to intended customer targets.

Learn from a star lineup of media executives their outlook on how business models, technology innovation, infrastructure, government policy, and operations are developing, and what challenges must be resolved.

Charlie Vogt


Imagine Communications

Richard Friedel

EVP & General Manager

Fox Networks Engineering & Operations

Kevin Gage

EVP, Strategic Development & CTO

ONE Media

Brad Wall 117.jpg

brad wall

SVP, Network Operations

Disney/ABC Television Group


Tuesday, June 6, am keynotes

Demographics and Technology: The Future of Work, Firms and Networks

The keynote will address how demographic and technology drivers are converging to reshape the work, workers, firms, marketplaces and networks. The five major elements of information networks will evolve rapidly in the coming years, requiring us to respond as individuals, firms, universities, markets and governments to take advantage of the opportunities and meet the challenges of the information age.

Dr. tassu shervani

Professor, Cox School of Business

Southern Methodist University


tuesday, june 6, luncheon keynote

FirstNet’s Wireless Broadband Network - The Dramatic Evolution of Public Safety Technology in America

Learn from FirstNet CEO Mike Poth the expectations and opportunities created through the new public-private partnership with AT&T to deliver the first nationwide broadband network dedicated to America’s police, firefighters and emergency medical services. This groundbreaking initiative launches new investment in critically needed communications infrastructure through a dedicated, interoperable network and ecosystem enabling first responders to better communicate and collaborate across agencies, jurisdictions and geographies.

mike poth




wednesday, june 7, am keynotes

State of Policy in the Current Administration

dileep srihari

Director, Legislative & Government Affairs


The Customer Experience of the Internet of Things

At the end of the day the success of the Internet of Things will not be about the “things” at all,  but the customer experience it enables. The entertainment and sports industry is setting the pace using the Internet of Things to enable a personalized sensory experience for every fan.  See the demands for IoT and the connectivity industry from the view of the “raving fans” of the future.

Don Szczepaniak

EVP, Sensory Solutions Group

Panasonic Enterprise Solutions

Leadership Lessons to Thrive in a Transforming Marketplace

The connectivity industry is transforming at a breathless pace. Leaders are looking for entirely new ways to navigate the land mines of change in technology, market models and politics. But this change demands new ways to make decisions and lead people. Whether staking out a new positions in the market, readying a digital workforce, creating new routes to market, or re-defining new partners and supply chains, your leadership approach must adapt. These leaders  have successfully led organizations through theopportunities and storms of transformation, and look forward to sharing lessons learned to position you for success. 


(Retired) President, Supply Chain and Fleet Management


Doug Moore


Fujitsu Network Communications

kanchana raman

Founder & President

Avion Networks


wednesday, june 7, 10:30 AM - 12:15 PM

Jamming with the Analysts

On Day 1 of the Jam, the analysts drove you hard to express yourselves as you grappled with the challenges to be overcome and the opportunities to be grasped. What important new nuggets did each stream discussion reveal? Now it’s time to draw things to a close, as you learn key takeaways and then go through one more round of roundtable exercises to reach the grand finale. Your voice counts for the final Outcomes Report that you’ll receive after the Jam!

susan schramm

Chief Marketing Officer,
SVP, Membership


john jacobs

Vice President, Market Intelligence
& Research


ghassan Abdo

Research Vice President


john jackson

Research Vice President, Mobile & Connected Platforms


carrie macgillivray

Vice President, Mobility & IoT



wednesday, june 7, 2:15 PM - 2:30 PM

Music, IoT and Connectivity

Are you ready for the next generation concert experience? This session will give you a sneak peek into a new concert VR experience being released to the public this Thursday by an A-list music publisher.

With the music industry ripe for disruption, learn how today’s telecom service providers can leverage the most versatile and engaging of all contents. How can music unlock new IoT opportunities and help operators better understand the needs of current and future customers? How can music change the way we think about the future of customer experience? And how can operators reap new financial and other returns on investment?

juliet shavit


SmartMark Communications