Paul Scardino

Paul Scardino is Senior Vice President of Sales Engineering, Operations and Marketing at Globecomm.  As an integral part of the Globecomm Executive team, Mr. Scardino is responsible for Globecomm’s Corporate Sales Operations, Engineering and Marketing. He oversees the sales, marketing and strategic direction of Globecomm’s new and emerging products and services. He also assists in M&A targeting/analysis and their integration into the corporation, the redesign of the organizational structure and corporate staffing, and the design, development, evaluation, implementation and improvement of corporate goals, policies, processes and structure.  He is integral to the corporation’s short and long term product & financial plans including strategy, budget and forecast development.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Scardino was responsible for all of Globecomm’s projects and accounts within Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as customer specific worldwide accounts. Some of the more notable accomplishments include the Wireless IP/VoIP Countrywide Network Design for the Romanian prime national radio, television and telecommunications company (SNR), a communication network for the Nigerian DoD, an IP/Telephony WAN for Angola’s Oil Company, Sonangol/MST linking the US Internet and Public Phone System to Sonangol offices and Angola’s network; a countrywide telecommunication’s network for Turk Telekom-the National Telecommunications Operator in Turkey; a video transmission network for Radio Television Portuguese/CPRMarconi in the former-Portuguese colonies of Africa; an International Gateway satellite communications earth stations in the Azores Islands, in Guinea Bissau for Guine Telecom and in East Timor for Timor Telecom; multiple satellite earth station and networks for MTN and Telkom South Africa, Video Broadcast Equipment for the Greek Countrywide Postal, Telegraph, and Telephone Administrations (PTT) OTE, an international gateway satellite earth station for Senegal’s PTT, Sonatel; a power system upgrade for Telkom Kenya’s major Earth Station Facility and multiple ISP and VSAT hubs for various private corporations throughout Europe and Africa.