Richard Finn

For over 20 years Richard led efforts to innovate within established industries looking to leverage a more connected world.  He built a career combing technical acumen with a drive to use fresh concepts – and disruptive technologies – in tackling business problems. He rode the 90's Internet boom before moving on to manage projects and developers in higher education, e-retail, advertising, mobile app development, and legal technology. Along the way he took on product management with an eye to technical details.

Joining AT&T a year ago, Richard dove right into the Internet of Things and exploring the new business models it enables. He now works on the Digital Strategy and Developer Ecosystem team where he focuses on AT&T’s IoT Data Plans as well as the developer experience for the AT&T IoT Starter Kit and related products.

Richard has an MBA from Southern Methodist University and a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Dallas Baptist University.