Ready to Jam? Choose a Role.

We are excited to have you join the Jam. ALL attendees in the Jam will participate in active discussion and resolution of issues. Consider your role - how do you want to join the discussion? You can choose more than one. Please be sure to list them when you register.

Disruptor Keynote

Deliver a 10-minute Spark Speech during Jam Keynotes, June 6 or June 7. You and your company are innovative and your expert vision illuminates new ways to view the marketplace, the technology, or value in the chain. Your presentation can be augmented by a PPT, but your delivery is dynamic, engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking.

Table Leader

Our Table Leaders should have senior-level industry knowledge relating to one or more of the three streams, in order to lead discussions for each of 3 sub-topics. Leaders are analysts, TIA members, carriers, buyers and suppliers of connectivity solutions. You will gather key takeaways from the table participants (see below) and report back to the whole group during the discussion. Apply to lead one topic, or more!

Table Participant

If you’re used to conferences where everyone sits theater-style and bounces between email, games and paying attention – well, the Jam is not that. You’ll be seated at a table with others in the eco-system, and your table partners will change several times throughout the two days. Each discussion will be led by a Table Leader (see above) and key takeaways will be delivered back to the group.

Customer Panel Speaker

You’ll give the audience a glimpse of what you are looking for from suppliers of connectivity services and solutions – and what you aren’t getting. These insights will launch discussions among the audience, with analysts moderating the overall conversation to get to desired outcomes.

Panel Moderator

You know the subject inside and out, and you are deft in ensuring the audience hears new and provocative information. You will be asked to prepare your panel by conference call before the Jam.

Startup Competitor

Your company is a startup in the connectivity and communications industry, and you're ready to take your idea to the next level, apply for the Startup Challenge. Application dues by April 24.

Video Interviewee

You are invited to express your views in a videotaped interview onsite at the Jam. Interviews may also be sponsored and become part of TIA’s distribution channel.

Industry Video Panelist

As an expert in the field, you are invited to join with others in the eco-system to discuss and explore a topic. Industry panels may also be sponsored and become part of TIA’s distribution channel.

Stream Sponsor

As a leading voice for the industry, your company will be promoted as an innovator in one of the three streams, which include branding and benefits throughout the year and at the Connectivity Jam. Choose your stream and your level by consulting with TIA through

Special Event Sponsor

Your company may want to be highly visible at a reception, breakfast, VIP Dinner, Startups Competition, CTO Roundtable, or other event onsite at the Connectivity Jam. Choose from a variety of options and consult with TIA through