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Operating Next-Gen Networks

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The purpose of the Connectivity Jam is to convene thought leaders to discuss the key issues for diverse market segments, as we work together to build the solutions.  Each Breakout Session over the course of the two days covers different topics, and will begin with a panel of industry executives, after which attendees engage in moderated discussion, led by your Table Ambassadors. The results of these discussions will be captured and integrated into the final Outcomes Report to be produced by IDC.

Breakout Session 1:
Securing the New Digital Network

June 6 - 11:00 AM-12:30 PM

With the advent of 5G networks and the variety of technologies both in hardware and software which will comprise these new infrastructure topologies, security at every layer, application platform and on every edge device is imperative.  This session will look at some of the compelling security use cases, including: protection of military assets; cyber and physical protection of national energy infrastructure; securing high speed mobility in airplanes and ships; and use of artificial intelligence in securing the network. 

The Jam Session discussions will include: A look at the latest technologies and how they are being deployed.   Review of the NIST Framework technology impacts, the new request for comments and use case stories of its implementation. Discussion of business models around network security from product offering such as Security as a Service, to market differentiator.

stephanie atkinson (moderator)

Founder & CEO

Compass Intelligence

Bruce High


Harris County, TX

Aaron salinas

Head, InfoSec & Compliance


jeff shaffer


Pricewaterhouse- Coopers


Senor Member, Technical Staff



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Breakout Session 2:
Assuring Performance and Quality of Virtualized Networks

june 6 - 1:30 PM-3:00 PM

Efficiency. Cost management. Ensuring SLAs. Managing OpEx, and CAPEX. Diminishing product production costs. Guaranteeing return customers.  These are business concerns faced by all companies in the communications industry. The Internet of Things and autonomous intelligence is making some of these items even more crucial. Virtualization of the networks adds another layer of uncertainty for some companies. Software now runs multiple junctures of the network, from the data center core, to software in edge devices, and applications that run through the networks.  So how do we, TIA, its members, and ecosystem partners, ensure that we are delivering on our obligations to the customer?

This Jam Session will discuss this question as well as:  A risk assessment of where networks stand today against benchmarks of efficiency, streamlined operations, and financial viability. A light review of security (For other security focused panels see Tuesday’s “Securing the New Digital Network” and Thursday’s Virtualization and Security Workshop. What TIA and the ecosystem need to establish as a framework, standards, certification, and training to ensure employees can deliver the service as promised. The benchmarking assessments and metrics that need to be specifically developed for virtualized networks and their components. Other product testing situations that can be pursued.

fraser pajak (moderator)


QuEST Forum

Tim doolittle

Director, IP Network & Systems



Cybersecurity Engineer


david stehlin

General Manager, Lifecycle Service Assurance (LSA)


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Breakout Session 3:
The Digital-Ready Workforce - Transforming People and Processes

June 6 - 3:15 PM-5:00 PM

Workforce readiness for the technology well-spring of need and opportunity has reached critical status across the communications ecosystem. The transformation of network architectures and components has driven a change in processes and skills to design, implement, and operate the network. This includes all staff who work for enterprise, military, and government on information and communications systems.  Students are not graduating with the skills needed. Government visa policies are making it difficult to keep the best and brightest trained international students in the United States. Retirement of senior staff is creating a knowledge drain. And existing staff do not always have the training they need to keep up with the latest technologies. 

As part of its move to develop skills training programs, TIA will guide the discussion at this Jam session to include: The business impact the employee imbalance is creating. The primary staffing challenges that currently exist. Key knowledge gaps that are being observed. What companies are doing at this time to address these needs. The resources in in-house programs, universities, and other educational institutions, including online services, that exist and are under development to meet this need. What federal and local government agencies can do to address this need.

Rikin thakker

Vice President, Telecommunications & Spectrum Policy


Matt Anderson

Head, Network Virtualization & Innovation


Mary Beth Chrissis

Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer


kevin ly

Director, Workforce Development

National Urban League

Tom parzych

Division Manager

Workbridge Associates Dallas

nisar yakoob

VP & Chief Transformation