Breakout Session 3 - Infrastructure
Ultra Premise Connections: Pushing Networks to the
Next Level of Science

Tuesday, June 6     3:15 PM - 5:00 PM

With the new demands of high speed media, and billions of connecting points, the premise is its own complicated network.   Builders, integrators, and service providers are all pursuing options to help support smart premise connections.  The technologies to support the infrastructure of a smart community, smart building, or smart home will be examined here.  TIA believes that building a structured framework will facilitate the premise network capabilities of tomorrow.  Just as there are choices in access, the options of wiring wireline fiber optics, copper cables or the many options of wireless connections with Wi-Fi, blue tooth, and even cellular are there for the low and high demands on the premise by its users.

This Jam Session will examine: How premise networks are being architected, what needs are addressed for on-premise connectivity that is different from other network structures, and how the premise networks are and need to evolve to meet growing demands. The policies within corporations guiding premise networks and whether they can be streamlined, optimized and otherwise reexamined. The key business indicators that drive premise CIOs when they look at solving the challenges they face, and how can the TIA ecosystem help them resolve these issues.